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Why get involved

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Why get involved in a EuroLib visit?

Our extremely successful piloting of the project has shown that the EuroLib project offers many benefits to pupils, teachers, and schools administration, creating a challenging and innovative educational project for all involved.

The benefits for children

The project strengthens and motivates:

  • Reading (literacy)

- The benefits of reading are evident - it contributes to cognitive development, language acquisition, and a more independent critical thinking.
- Reading is a means to enhance the reader's imagination and a valuable source of pleasure.
- Riding is the very best form of autonomous lifelong learning.

  • European Culture:

- The project explores European lifestyles, family patterns, value systems, traditions, nature, cultural events and habits as depicted and described in the books.
- It opens up the multicultural and multilingual European space

  • Learning Languages:

- The project targets the active promotion of language learning and awareness of European linguistic diversity.
- The beautiful books give meaning and motivation to the need for languages at a personal level that children can aspire to.

  • The Project

- Overall the addition of inspiring, unusual and exciting activities outside of the normal classroom activity contribute to students overall motivation to learn.
- Children have shown gratitude to their teachers for bringing them such fun activities that lives on long after the library has gone.
- In past European projects, teachers have noted a raising of standards in the children who partake in a project, as their general interest and engagement in learning is increased. Teachers have also reported improvements in students overall engagement and skills at all levels of their school work.

The benefits for teachers

The project helps develop and expand professional skills by bringing in to your teaching different methodologies than are usually employed that are interesting, challenging and unusual.

  • Add interest and excitement to your teaching and introduce a very strong motivator to your students.
  • Offer your students a great exposure to new foreign languages.
  • Lear out about your students' preferred areas of interest.
  • Contribute to making your school an attractive and respected place to study.
  • Bring a positive learning atmosphere in to your classroom and engages young learners both cognitively and emotionally to learn languages.
  • Be involved at a European level in your teaching

Introducing creative activities:
The project provides a variety of independent activities that work well in every language. The activities are designed in a creative way and the ideas could be transferred to other areas in the classroom.

Benefits for schools

Schools will benefit directly and indirectly in the project:


  • The involvement of teachers and pupils in a European project has direct benefits as described above
  • Ohter teachers and pupils in the school will see how their peers are affected and motivated by the project.
  • The added motivation of the teachers and students will lead to improvements in their performance.


  • Teachers directly involved will share their experience and the ideas they have used with the colleagues (the staff room).
  • The project responds to parentsī and childrenīs demand for quality and interesting complementary school activities.
  • Parents will be interested to hear of their children's involvement in a European level project.
  • The school will be known locally, nationally and internationally as a school that is engaging with Europe and European projects.

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