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What is the EuroLib project?

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What is the Eurolib Project?

The European Children’s Travelling Language Library – EuroLib is a Comenius project funded within the European Union Lifelong learning programme.

The project provides six libraries made of 36 beautifully illustrated children’s books from six European countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The libraries travel from school to school, initially in Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom and later in many more countries.

The project is targeted at students in the 1st year that they start any language learning and aim of the project is motivational rather than directly targeted at learning a language.

The project answers 3 needs:
1. To create an early introduction of a European language experience using a format that can resonate with the imagination of young students
2. To introduce books as the best source of autonomous lifelong learning, and directly attack the lowering levels of book readership.
3. To promote the idea of Europe and its cultural diversity.

Travelling with the books are full instructions, for the schools and teachers, on how to use the library and complete multicultural and linguistic activities in the classroom. These activities start before the arrival of the library to the school, during its stay and after the departure.

The activities are innovative and have a European dimension. They are the result of the shared work of the project’s multicultural team of language pedagogues and have been evaluated and tested in six countries by the project partners in cooperation with local schools.

The European Children’s Travelling Language Library aims not only to continue travelling across Europe after the end of the project, but also to inspire the creation of future libraries with books in different languages and based on similar principles, with both EuroLib’s and new pedagogical activities.

The EuroLlib association helps the development of more Libraries after the funded period. Anyone interested in helping create a EuroLib library in their own country are asked to send a ‘Get Involved form” available on the project website.

Copyright: EuroLib Project

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