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Using the Library

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Using the Library

The libraries will travel by courier in a secure and protective box.

The box includes everything that you will need to complete the activities using the books, as it contains the EuroLib school kit.
You will only need pens, pencils, paper and make a few photocopies.

The documents and guides in the school kit are also available on the website of the project .

The most important document is the Teacher Guide that details every activity that the project has designed and tested. Full instructions are included for every activity.

Each class taking part in the EuroLib project will undertake activities over a minimum of three days (45 minutes per day/class). The activities are designed so that each 45 minute class session has 3 teaching units, 9 units in total. It is possible for teachers to carry out more tasks then this if they wish.

The teacher can choose from a variety of activities described in the Teacher Guide.

The library will stay in your school for 12 days; this is to allow as many schools as possible to benefit from a visit of the library.arrangements for more visiting days are also welcome.

After the stay, the box will need to be transported to the next school. The courier transport will be paid by the next booking school. The school that has the library will check the inventory before preparing the box for the courier collection. This happens with the supervision of the EurolIb Association (after the end of the project, September 2011).

In the ‘Teacher’s Diary’, a virtual space on the EuroLib website, teachers and children are invited to upload results from their experiences and can contact colleagues and pupils in other countries who will also have experienced the EuroLib visit. Another very dynamic and interactive way to do so, is the use of EuroLib Facebook

You are also invited to add your comments, news, ideas and suggestions for new activities.

Copyright: EuroLib Project

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