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The School Kit travels along with the books in the 'treasure box'.

It has all the materials you will need to carry out the EuroLIb pedagogical activities with your pupils.
You will only have to add pens and paper and make a few photocopies.

The School Kit includes the Teacher Guide, cards, book templates, 'culture souvenirs' and a CD with extracts from the books read by native speakers.

The Teacher Guide details, with full instructions, every activity that the project has designed and tested.
It has three groups of 8 activities each: cultural, literary and language activities.
These enhance inter-comprehension, comprehension, creative expression, criticism, reflection, task-based learning, collaboration and using languages within a social context.
A result of the shared work of the project's multicultural team of language pedagogues, they offer a European dimension.

Before visiting the many schools across Europe, the EuroLib's activities will have been tested and evaluated in six countries by the project partners in cooperation with local schools.

The project has now made available the School Kit and Eurolibs are available already in Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. You can also build your own Eurolib, if you wish, and the project partners can help you purchasing a set of books in their country. The pedagogic materials are still available for free from this website.

Teacher Guide can be downloaded on as an open source to be used by the education community to inspire teachers' creativity and foster debate and new ideas. In the box, teacher can find everything they need to use the library: the cards, the book templates, the 'culture souvenirs' and the CD with the books' extracts needed to carry out specific activities that are described in the Teacher Guide.

As the project is now complete schools will now have to fund the cost of transporting the library to and from a school.


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