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The Community of Practice established and maintains an ICT infrastructure (portal) that enables all project partners and external parties, including educators that follow e-ARTinED activities, to share, find, exchange and adapt digital learning resources related to the use of arts in curriculum subjects. The portal is accessible from http://eartined.coursevo.com/.

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This is essentially the entry point to the concrete results of this output that has the form of a Community service integrated databases (i.e. repositories) and interactive resources (Courses of the Online Training Programme and their contents).
All members of the community have access to special functionalities that allow them to create new courses (for their students or for training other teachers), new repositories if they consider that new topics should be integrated in the community activities, and new project spaces in case they want to initiate joint activities with their peers. All of the activity spaces (courses, repositories and projects) can share materials in the form of OERs.

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