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The e-ARTinED Online Training Programme (Online Course)  focused on to use the arts to develop/teach curricular subjects and the units were as follows:

Introductory Week

1 Unit (one week)

The Mosaic Art Sound (UK)

Course 1   Music

3 Units (three weeks)

The Mosaic Art Sound (UK)

Course 2   Dance

3 Units (three weeks)

Viksjöforsbaletten (SE)

Course 3   Visual Arts

3 Units (three weeks)


Course 4   Literature

3 Units (three weeks)


Course 5   New Media Arts

3 Units (three weeks)



The Online Training Programme started with an Introductory Unit which informed about the whole Training content, the structure of the Course and the technical features. It had assignment and quizzes and all the other Unit.
The participants who had completed assignments and created a Lesson Plan in at least 3 Courses received the ‘e-ARTinED Online Training Programme’ Certificate.
The platform remained open until the 15 of June to allow those participants who were not able to conclude some Units to do so and upload their late assignments.




Course 0 – Introduction
1 Unit
Tutor: Teresa Dello Monaco

05/02/2018 –

This is a general introduction to the training programme with links on the importance of the integration of arts in curricular subjects in school, information about the training programme and its organization, explanation of tasks to be accomplished by trainees for successful completion of the programme. An important objective is to facilitate the trainees to get familiar with the functionality of Coursevo that will be used throughout the programme.

Course 1 – Music
3 Units
Tutors: Teresa Dello Monaco,
Maria Demosthenou

12/02/2018 –

The Course provides fundamental ideas and examples of practices to integrate music into teaching literature, maths, social science and any subject in the curriculum. There are practical ideas for lesson plans through music listening and through music making in classroom. Some elements of the Course help to free and enhance both teacher’s and student’s singing skills and   are  available structured practical  tips  on  using simple music instruments, including boomwhackers.  The collaborative aspect of the online Music Course is emphasized especially by inspiring each other through shared posts in our Forum facility. The Course acts as a springboard for teachers’ own creativity and illimitable applications to integrate music into daily teaching routine.

Course 2 - Dance
3 Units
Tutors: Sophia Färlin-Månsson,
Mary Kate Sheehan

05/03/2018 –

This course explores the role that Dance can play in education. The aim is to create a richer learning environment that stimulates imagination through physicality and leads to a more thorough learning process. Dance in education is an option available to everyone, not only those with prior Dance experience. The goal is to enhance curricular understanding by physicalizing difficult concepts. The Course explores specific examples of how Dance can be integrated into subjects like science, history, and literature. Participants will learn to ‘dance a book’.

Course 3 - Visual Arts
3 Units
Tutor: Gilda Esposito

26/03/2018 –

This course  sets a theoretical framework of social inclusion and competence-based active learning through visual arts referring to a wide range of existing inter-disciplinary literature. It  then provides  teachers with case studies, and ask them to provide more, and a related grid of analysis that will put the attention to the following key components of the didactic project: (a) Intentionality and sense making; (b) Reflective and transformative approach; (c) Contents; (d) Methods ; (e) Inclusion; (f) Evaluation. Finally the participants are asked to directly experiment, or at least design, a visual art-based didactic project, following guidelines provided by the course facilitator. Participants are encouraged to use digital storytelling to share their experiences with the learning community.

Course 4 - Literature
3 Units
Tutor: Cinzia Laurelli;
Stefano Cristiano

16/04/2018 – 06/05/2018

In this course participants  practice literature firstly by increasing curiosity of children in searching and reading poems and written texts and secondly by broaden their psychological and intellectual horizons. They  learn how to select a text, a poem and how to create learning activities for developing children's comprehension of curricular subjects, and to enhance skills, curiosity and transversal competences that will improve self- expression, mutual understanding and more collaborative school environment. This allows learning about other people, their history, geography, languages and arts, science, mathematics. Literature becomes a tool that enables students to transcend their own challenges, respect differences and work in a collaborative and joyful way. Finally, the participants are introduced to some indicative examples/model of learning practices and during the course they try to do some steps forward and will be invited to customize or create new activities in an autonomous way and according to their specific needs.

Course 5 - New Media Arts
3 Units
Tutors: Nektarios Moumoutzis

07/05/2018 – 27/05/2018

In this course participants  study the domain of New Media Arts, how they can be integrated in education, what are the phases of the process of producing new media artworks and what are the benefits for the students of learning with New Media Arts. Furthermore, participants  study specific examples of how New Media Arts can be combined with traditional art forms in order to promote learning in various school subjects as well as in interdisciplinary projects that involve several subjects.

There was an additional Course always available on the platform:  ‘Coursevo e-Learning Platform’
This is a brief auxiliary course about the Coursevo platform that supports the e-ARTinED training program. The course gives an overview of platform's features, tools and services and provides usage tutorials.
Objectives: to present functionality and features of the Coursevo e-Learning Platform.
Tutor:  Nikos Pappas, Senior Software Engineer
The Programme is under Creative Commons License  Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

The Programme had 118 Registered Users and a total of 438055 Hits, with very positive feedback.
Anyone interested in browsing the Online Training Programme Resources can visit the platform where the Course is embedded and Register in the e-ARTinED Community of Practice:

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