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The Good Practices describe the process that the piloting schools used to achieve good results and have been selected according to the evaluation of students and teachers  among the  36 practical exercises that  teachers have developed with their students, i.e: learning science through dance,  learning geography through new media arts, learning maths through  music, etc. transversal topics are: social inclusion, critical thinking and environmental education.
The main lessons learnt from the selection of these practices are:

  • Arts engage students in learning through observing, listening and moving, and offer learners various ways to acquire information and build understanding;

  • Arts offer a natural way to differentiate instruction as the arts offer multiple modes of representation, expression, and engagement;

  • Interdisciplinary connections are possible between a specific art form and a specific curriculum area;

  • When students are engaged in a creative process they produce original work that communicates their ideas, insights, points of view, and feelings;

  • Art integration requires teachers to set objectives in both art form and other subject areas for a significant learning of the students in both the art form and the curriculum subject.

Good Practices

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