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The project research phase has produced three Repositories.
The research extended over the following categories:
- Books
- Academic Literature
- Non Academic Literature
- Non EU Projects
- Films/Documentaries/Videos
- PHD Thesis
- Web Resources
- Social Network
- Other.
The entries of the three Repositories offer a varied picture of what has been implemented in the domain areas at international level. Although the Repositories do not cover all existing experiences, they are very representative of current trends and experimentations and give inspiration and valid information to teachers, trainers, students (future teachers), school authorities, curriculum experts and to all those with an interest on the subjects.

The subjects of the three Repositories are the following:

  • Exploring nature through the arts

Examples of children’s experiences of learning through the arts within natural settings.

  • The use of the arts in education

Teaching curricular subjects through the arts.

  • Using the arts to promote social inclusion

Using the arts to promote social inclusion within children's school education.

The entries are available on the e-ARTinED Coursevo platform:  http://eartined.coursevo.com/

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