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Here are a few basic questions that summarize the main details:

  • What languages are the library materials available in?

Czech, Finish, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and English

  • What languages do teachers need to know?

It would be useful to have some knowledge of English, to share your experiences with other teachers in other countries but it is not essential.

  • What support is available during the EuroLib visit?

The local partner in the project team will be available to support the library visit with back-up from the project coordinator. After the funded period which expires in September 2011, the EuroLib Association will continue cooperation with local partners and supervise the needed support. Teachers can email or telephone .

  • How many teachers from each school can be involved?

At least one teacher but as the project is cross-curricular generally a small group of teachers get involved

  • What type of teachers?

A language teacher can be involved, but our experience shows that it is best for a small group of teachers to be involved.

  • How many and what type of activities will we complete?

The Teacher Guide has three groups of activities: cultural, literary and language activities. In each group there are 8 different activities .

  • What age group of pupils is the project targeted at?

EuroLib is targeted at pupils in the first year they learn a foreign language (variable in European countries between age 6 to 10). The aim of the project is motivational rather then directly targeted at learning a language. However, it has been noted that children at their second or third year of learning a foreign language still benefit from the use of the Library.

  • How many activities should a teacher perform with his/her pupils?

After reading the Teacher Guide, teachers can decide for themselves how many and which activities they wish to undertake. You decide.

  • Do the activities require any special equipment or unusual scenarios?

The activities and tasks do not require any special equipment beyond what is found in every classroom. Any materials required for an activity are already included in the Travelling Library box such as activity templates, cards, ‘culture’ souvenirs and detailed instructions for use.

  • Does the school need to pay any money?

No, within the project lifetime (until 30 September 2011), there is no cost to pay and no transportation expenses.
After September 2011, booking schools will have to pay for the transport which can be made by courier. For transport within the same country, the EuroLib box can be sent via post as the charge may be less than the courier.

  • Is using the library a piloting experience?

No, by March 2010 the EuroLib has been evaluated and tested in schools across six countries .But we are very interested in your and your students’ suggestions and comments. Teachers will find an Evaluation Questionnaire inside the EuroLib box and they can complete it and send it to the project team. Your feedback will be very helpful indeed for the future of the library.

  • What is the ‘Teachers’ Diary’ virtual space?

This is an Internet space linked to the project website where teachers can upload and share photos, comments, drawings resulting from the EuroLib visit. You can send your news, ideas and suggestions for improvements and new multicultural and linguistic pedagogic activities .

N.B. Before uploading any images of children, or your colleagues, please ensure all necessary permissions have been obtained. However, we also suggest the use of the EuroLib Facebook for a lively and very interactive communication.

  • When will the EuroLib be available in my country, I am not in the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Spain, Turkey or the UK?

In a way, this is up to you as your help can make this happen. At the end of the project (30 September 2011), an Association will be formed with the purpose of continuing and expanding the children travelling language libraries in to additional countries. In-Service training courses will also be prepared for teachers interested in receiving training to use the library and to create their own library for their school/s. Funds to participate in the training sessions may be requested to the National Agencies. Please. keep reading the website for more information available soon.

Copyright: EuroLib Project

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