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The Northern Children's Book Festival

Newcastle - UK
07-20 November 2011

This year is the 29th year of the festival and it promises to be the biggest and best one yet!
The Northern Children's Book Festival brings together the 12 Local Authorities in the North East and is a partnership between all the library services in the region.
The two-week festival is the largest and best-value annual reading celebration for children and young people in Europe and takes place in the North-East of England every November.
NCBF is a unique opportunity for children to meet their favourite authors and talk about the books they love. Over 40 well-known writers, poets and illustrators will be performing book readings, leading workshops and taking part in signings at schools and libraries throughout the festival period.

Sastamala - Finland

24 September 2011

Children and young people in the book Booklets event held for the ninth time on 24 September 2011 at Sastamala, Sylvään school, Finland, under the theme of this year, and the sub-theme FINNISH INTERNATIONAL COMICS 100 YEARS.

The font is the most versatile Finnish children's and youth literature, and their phenomena, focusing on the whole family. Booklet aims to inspire children and young people to read a couple, and to promote creative writing and word art education in different fields of art means.

The booklets each year to implement a multi-artistic workshops for all 4 - and 8-graders. For more information about the contents Mervi (a)

The booklets were in 2009, Finnish Institute for Children's Literature issued by the National Onnimanni Award. Onnimanni awards are divided into children and young people's literature for the promotion of activities since 1993 and will be distributed at least every three years to an individual or organization that has helped children and young people's literature or asemaa.Palkinnonjakajat thank the organizers of diverse and excellent program. Children's Book Days tradition formed Booktalk and jästihuispauksen championships are the jury, the open-minded and imaginative, and attractive to children and young people in a couple of books.

Bologna - Italy

28-31 March 2011

Birmingham - UK
17-19 March 2011

The Education Show is dedicated to showcasing the best in educational resources and suppliers, the Education Show enables thousands of practitioners to gain inspiration, enhance their knowledge through CPD seminars and see the latest innovations in the education market.
Taking place In March at the NEC Birmingham, the Education Show attracts more than 450 educational suppliers and over 12,000 visitors. It brings together the teaching community to enable visitor to Learn and Teach together.

Sastamala - Finland
13 November 2010

The 8th Annual Kirjaset – Children’s Book Fair in Sastamala, Finland will take place on 13 November 2010 at Sylvää School. This year the theme is KIRJA KIERTÄÄ – RECLYCLING BOOKS.
THE KIRJASET is the most comprehensive family event about books for children and young people, and is a unique event in Finland. The aim is to inspire children and young people to read, and promote creative writing and education through art.
Within THE KIRJASET programme art and literature workshops are arranged for all 4 to 8-grades in Sastamala schools every autumn.
Last years The KIRJASET received the Finnish Onnimanni Prize, awarded by the Finnish Youth Literature Institute for the best promotion in Finland within this field during the last three years.The jury particularly mentioned the KIRJASET Championship Competitions for Book talking and ‘Muggle Quidditch’ as examples of open-minded and innovative ways to engage children and young people in literature.
Patrons for The KIRJASET this year are Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen, creators of Tatu and Patu in Finland.

Nicosia - Cyprus
6-7 November 2010

The MOUFFLON BOOKSHOP will be celebrating its 6th annual book fair at the Holiday Inn, Nicosia over the following TWO days : Saturday November 6th 10:00 am - 8:00 pm Sunday November 7th 10:00am - 6:00 pm.
There will be a selection of books for all ages in a number of languages and covering a wide range of subjects. You will also find First Editions, authors’ signatures, beautifully designed dust jackets, bookmarks, pictorial calendars and diaries.

Northern Children's Book Festival 2010 - UK
8-20 November 2010

The Northern Children's Book Festival - November 8-20 2010 in venues across the North East of England.
2010 is the 27th anniversary of The Northern Children's Book Festival.
Each year seems to bring a bigger, better Festival and this year promises to be even more spectacular.

Manchester - UK

1-4 Jule 2010

The 2010 Manchester Children’s Book Festival is the first festival of its kind to run in the North West of England. A four-day of events and activities featuring some of today’s favourite children’s writers, illustrators, books and characters.
Aimed at everyone who has ever loved children’s books, our exciting series of events will run at Manchester Metropolitan University’s city centre campus as well as in a variety of schools, libraries and other venues across the region.

Cambridge - UK
8-9 May 2010

The third Linton Children’s Book Festival took place between the 1st and 9th of May 2010. Lintonians who use the High Street will not have failed to notice the “My Favourite Book” posters adorning the lampposts in the weeks leading up to the Festival.
The Festival began with a Children’s History Walk on Saturday, 1st May. Andrew Clark and Simon Holden led the walk between Symonds House and the old railway station. They retraced the steps of a Victorian workhouse outing that took place in 1872. The children found out about the workhouse and the daily life of the people who lived there. At the station, they were able to imagine the busy scene as the steam train drew in to take the workhouse children to the seaside.

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