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EuroLib Inventory

Book the Library

Here you can find the European Children’s Travelling Language Library box inventory.

On receipt of the library, the box should be opened and the contents checked against the inventory document. The inventory document is included as a Word doc. file in the DVD accompanying the Box, but it can also be downloaded from this website section.

If any item is missing please contact the administrators on this email: or phone number +44 (0)20 89061107 within 24 hours of receipt of the library. Please note, failure to contact the administrators within 24 hours will make your school responsible for replacing any missing items.
If an item or book is damaged during your schools use of the library, you should try to repair the damage so that the item can still be used properly by subsequent schools. Please, also note in the Inventory document the item that has been damaged and repaired, so that we can track.


Copyright: EuroLib Project

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