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A piloting teacher said: (From piloting in Brno, Czech Republic)
I was surprised to see how great the interest that children showed towards the EuroLib books was. Their enjoyment in understanding other languages was clearly visible and they had a lot of fun playing around linguistic and cultural diversities and similarities.

Parents asked:
Where they could get the books in different languages for their homes.

Children asked:
For more sessions of the EuroLib activities.

Please download the Booking the library detailed information document here:

Or you can read individual sections by clicking the section headings below;

What is the Eurolib Project?

The European Children’s Travelling Language Library – EuroLib is a Comenius project funded within the European Union Lifelong learning programme.....

What is the Children's Travelling Language Library?

The European Children’s Travelling Language Library is a wooden box, in the shape of a ‘treasure chest’, containing the 36 illustrated children’s books in Czech, English, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and Turkish as well as the Eurolib school kit.....

Using the Library

The library includes everything that you will need to complete the activities using the books, as it contains the EuroLIb school kit.

When booking the Library

If you are a teacher and would like to book the visit of the library in your school, you can use the Booking Form. Please ensure to read the Booking the library detailed information document before completing the booking form.....

Why get involved in a EuroLib visit?

Pedagogic and cultural benefits, for teachers, schools, students etc.
Our extremely successful piloting of the project has shown that the EuroLib project offers many benefits to pupils, teachers, and schools administration, creating a challenging and innovative educational project for all involved.....

Copyright: EuroLib Project

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