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About the Project



The Euro Travelling Library project answers 3 basic educational needs in an innovative but familiar way:

  • Introducing European languages to young students
  • Building a love of reading as the best source of autonomous lifelong learning
  • Building an understanding of the diversity and common features of European culture

These needs will be answered by the European traveling multi-language library of illustrated children’s books and the tasks that the students will complete based on the books. Tasks will include inter-comprehension, comprehension, creative expression, criticism, reflection, task-based learning, collaboration and using languages within a social context.
On the project website and traveling with the library itself will be tools, teacher diaries and teacher guides.

The target groups of students for the project are in their first year of learning a foreign language (in Europe this can start at age 6, Italy or 10 UK) were the diversity and need to learn should be reinforced at a level that young students can appreciate by introducing learning materials that will engage children.

The languages of the books in the library were decided upon according to the languages of the project partners. In European projects we must have at least 3 partners from 3 different eligible countries, Euro Travelling Library has partners from 6 countries in our partnership namely UK, Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Finland.

The 36 books of the library (6 in each language) were chosen according to set of criteria, especially a need to show the individual cultures that the books come from and that the books are heavily illustrated. This resulted in each country having at least one classic story of their culture like Don Quixote from Spain, a factual book like a Richard Scarry book in English, the rest are fiction. Illustrated books were chosen as this will help children decode the story of a book in a language that they do not understand and will be the basis of some tasks.

The project closes in September 2011 but before that a World Association will be formed that will enable the continuation and enlargement of the project. Interested organizations, schools, teachers, even parents can contact the project now
to express their interest in helping to form the association. The primary mission of the association will be to enlarge the number of libraries globally and to ensure the movement and sustainability of the libraries.

Target group

The target groups of students for the project are in their first year of learning a foreign language were the diversity and need should be reinforced at a level that young students can appreciate.

The methodology of the project is described
. You can sign-up for information as the project develops here .

You can also get involved in the project as a piloting school (subject to places available) or later as a school that enjoys a visit of the library. Please complete the form

The project partners come from all levels of education; full details can be found on the Partner page

The project is funded by the European Union Lifelong Learning programme that aims to promote the learning of languages, culture and literacy across Europe

Copyright: EuroLib Project


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